martedì 16 agosto 2005



VAN (DIHA) - The Italian group consisting of 20 participants from Alessandria Municipality of Italy leaded by Antonio Olivieri visited Bostaniçi Municipality, Bostaniçi Woman Cooperative (BIKAD-KOOP) and Van Environment Society (Van ÇEV-DER) and obtained information about their endeavors and practices.

The commission consisting of doctors, academics, journalists and educator arrived at Van yesterday to gather information about the forest fires, chemical weapon claims, environment destruction and human right violations resulting from the conflicts being undergone in the eastern region of Turkey. The commission visited Van Environment Society (Van ÇEV-DER) at first and then met with the mayor of Bostaniçi Gülcihan Þimþek in her office.
The chief of the group told that they had visited many non-governmental organizations with the aim of investigating conflicts and human right violations in the region.
Þimþek called attention to the conflicts
The mayor Gülcihan Þimþek thanked the commission for their visit and told that they would support the projects of Alessandra Municipality. "We are especially in close contact with Alessandria Municipality. They supported our all projects and encouraged us. But I want to clarify a point. Only to develop projects do not solve our problems. The intensifying conflicts in the region worry all uf us. Recently a youngster called Fahrettin was killed in the street by the soldiers. Everybody should be more sensitive about these problems. We should make an effort to prevent this situation getting worse off." said she
Bostaniçi Woman Cooperative (BÝKAD-KOOP) was visited
The commission later on visited Bostaniçi Woman Cooperative (BÝKAD-KOOP) and received information about their practices from the chairman of the cooperative Hatice Aþan. The members of the commission bought hand made goods done by the women in the cooperative. Visiting the water depot constructed by the municipality on the hillside of Erek Mountain, the commission left the district. The reports to be prepared by the commission will be presented to related institutions in Europe.