mercoledì 6 marzo 2019

Verso il Newroz 2019

Giovedì' 7 Marzo 2019 iniziativa a Lsoa Buridda di Genova - Montegrappa, 39
Si inizia con la cena alle 19.30 e poi si prosegue a parlare di Kurdistan e dei progetti sanitari con la delegazione di Verso il Kurdistan tornata di recente dal Campo profughi di Makhmur in Kurdistan Bashur (Nord Iraq)… e già pronta per la ripartenza!

 Associazione Verso il Kurdistan Lsoa Buridda Rete Kurdistan Italia

venerdì 1 febbraio 2019

Tesseramento 2019

Cari amici e care amiche, quest'anno abbiamo pensato di fare una tessera dedicata alla coraggiosa ed estrema lotta della deputata kurda Leyla Guven, condannata a 30 anni di carcere e recentemente liberata, in sciopero della fame dal 6 Novembre 2018 - sciopero della fame che continua - per protestare contro la violazione dei diritti umani in Turchia e in Kurdistan e contro l'ingiusta detenzione in isolamento da vent'anni nell'isola lager di Imrali, del leader del popolo kurdo, Apo Abdullah Ocalan.
Un grande esempio di resistenza seguito coraggiosamente dai kurdi in sciopero della fame in Turchia, nelle sedi delle associazioni e del partito HDP e in tutta Europa.

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2018

Beyond Bars Campaign to support the family of political prisoners in Turkey

Custody at distance of the families of the political prisoners in Turkey
Being a political convict in Turkey
There were 12'000 political prisoners in Turkey, mainly kurds, before the so called "putsch" of the 15th july 2016. After that date, the amount of political prisonners haved rised up till 48'000 on a total of of 195'000 prisonners. A lot are teenagers between 12 and 17 years old, incarcerated together with adults. They are charged of making propaganda for the PKK and therefore condemned to several years of prison. It continues the complete isolation, almost like in a grave, since more than 18 years on the island - lager of Imrali- of the leader of the kurdish people, Abdullah Öçalan.
Asli Erdogan, writter, journalist, convicted in the jail of Bakirkoy, Istanbul.
The life conditions in the prison, specially for political detainees, are frightning: fisical searching, torture, isolation, undernurished, dirtyness and no personal hygeen, deny of medical assistance (only for the year 2016, 47 prisonners have died).
They often demostrate and go on hunger strike, some until death. Like it happened in the year 2000, against the goverment plan, which had decided to tranfer all the political prisoners into the isolation prison called "F type" also called "coffin" because they are made of single cells.
During that hunger strike, 101 prisoners died and 400 were affected with non-reversible brain damages. This kind of demonstration happen often and will go on.
A voice yelled from the turkish jail of hell:
“We are something that you will never be able to kill: we are Hope!"

Remote Adoption
The Association “Verso il Kurdistan onlus”, on the request of the civil associations in Turkey - Tuad Der (Association for the family of political prisoners), Goc Der (Association for refugees), Ihd (Association for human rights), Sthay Der (Association for political prisoners and for martirs), Mothers for peace (Association of women, mothers of prisoners and martirs) we intend herewith to express our solidarity in a practical way to the political prisoners and to support their families through the remote adoption.
The remote adoption means to give a real help to the victims of the repression, paying every month 31€ for at least a year, that is to say 186€ for 6 months or 372€ for the whole year.
The commitment can be renewed.
The Association Verso il Kurdistan onlus garantees for the Remote Adopotion being the contact between the one who helps and the one who needs help.
Many personal histories travel from town to town, beyond the Bosphore, beyond bars that allows to understand better the reasons of this conflict and the values of tolerance and coexistence.
To Subscribe
It is necessary to make the first payment and send the relative receipt together with the subscription form to : Associazione Verso il Kurdistan onlus, Via Mazzini, 118, 15121 Alessandria
The deposit must be realized as follows: Bank transfer on the account assigned to Associazione Verso il Kurdistan onlus IBAN IT61 U033 5901 6001 0000 0111 185 BIC BCITITMXXXX On Banca Prossima – Branch of Milan – Reason of the payment : Custody For further informations call : 335.756.4743 (Antonio) – 333.562,7137 (Lucia)
Tax code : 96036900064
Subscription Form
The undersigned …. (firstname, lastname, or the group's name)
Tel.... Address ….
commit to pay for a year the montly contribution of 31€ with the further rating
O monthly O biannual in advance O annual in advance
Date ….... Signature
I laid down the ear on the heart of the earth, it told about the love that earth feels for rain. I laid it down on the heart that flows from water : it is the well, it said, my love, my spring. I laid it on the tree: it told about his thick leafage, his love. But when I laid down my ear to love itself, which has no name, love talked about freedom. Sherko Bekas