venerdì 2 ottobre 2015

Comunicato stampa - Duhok (Kurdistan) 30 September 2015

Duhok (Kurdistan) 30 September 2015

Today 12 Italians member of the delegation – lawyers, doctors, teachers, syndacalists, administrators and human rights operators - and their interpreter, that planned to reach the free Rojava Cantons, were rejected at Semelka border, on South Kurdistan territory.

Only the two journalists of the delegation were allowed to go to Rojava, showing their professional cards and saying that was the first time for them to go through that border (it was necessary because of an unmotivated rule that denies a second possibility to pass the

Every discussion with the Director of Semelka border was without any result: there was no political will to solve the problem and no any reason was given to the delegation to motivate the denial of the permission.

After many hours of talking between the indifference of the border officers, it was absolutely evident that a fundamental right was denied.  

Every delegation’s protest was useless.

That happened despite the fact that the President of the Parliament and the Director of the Research Center inside the Parliament totally approved the targets of the delegation and were available to give help to carry the members to the border.

Completely useless was also the involvement of the Italian Consulate in Erbil, because no answer was given to requests made.

Likewise, the Italian Government at first met the representatives of the delegation - listening about the projects and asking to have a feed back after the trip in South Kurdistan – but after that they were totally forgot. Really a despicable behavior.

The delegation clashed with a rubber wall built along that border, in fact an undeclared embargo that has completely isolated the Rojava, together with what was already done by Turkey.

Then there was a rebound of responsibility and unwarranted postponements also by the representative institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government who has forgotten the suffering endured under the regime of Saddam Hussein, suffering that today are poured on the brother people of Rojava.

We will not be intimidated.

There will be immediately a press conference in Erbil to report about the incident.

No embargo !!
Rojava free !!
Free Kurdistan !!

Italian delegation in South Kurdistan.