lunedì 14 novembre 2005


Il documento in inglese che segue è stato diffuso dall'agenzia stampa DIHA e chiarisce come gli attentati di Semdinli siano opera di soldati della Gendarmeria turca. Maggiori informazioni sono disponibili su

HAKKARI (DIHA) - It has been documented that the soldiers from Gendarmerie Intelligence, who were claimed to bomb Umut Kitabevi in Semdinli, Hakkari, were assigned by Hakkari Provincial Gendarmerie Field Officer G. Colonel General Erhan K.
The event that started firstly with the bombings at Umut Kitabevi in Þemdinli and then with 2 dead and many people wounded when the protestors on the street were shot at, is now being enlightened. According to the documents found in the car that the bombers found, Gendarmerie Intelligence Department agents G. Sergeant Major Özcan Ýloðul and High Ranking Gendarmerie Sergeant Major Ali K. was assigned with the duty on 9 September, the day of the event by Hakkari Gendarmerie Field Officer G. General Staff Colonel Erhan K. In the document, it is shown that Özcan Ý. was the driver, and Ali Kaya is the under the order of the car. The number plate was 730 198, the make was Renault 1t 19 and it was determined that its exit time was 08:00 a.m. In the assignment document, it is also shown that they had been on duty in Yüksekova and Þemdinli.
They were registered as in the Year Off
It was interesting that a furlough certificate of 20 days belonging to the intelligence agent Sergeant High-Ranking Gendarmerie Sergeant Halit Ç. from Adana and bearing the signature of the Field Officer K and another of 10 days for G. Sergeant Çavuþ Ümit S., two of those conjectured to take part in the bomb attacks, was discovered.
A Team of 4
The three people captured by the people after the bombing at Umut Kitabevi were given to the police. During the protests, people on the street were shot at from a car and the investigation of the public prosecutor had remained half. According to the documents found in the car and the names disclosed to the press, it is surmised that there were at least 4 people who planned and realized the attack.